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The cost of a kitten

The cost of a kitten depends first of all on a class (in more detail about classes it is possible to read in a post “How to choose the Bengalese kitten”), but happens that kittens of one class in different nurseries can cost on a miscellaneous. What the price depends on? Let’s understand.

If offered you a thoroughbred kitten cheap, think what the manufacturer saved on. There can be it inoculations, a veterinary upkeep – the cost of veterinary services and inoculations on one kitten of $70-150(for Belarus).

Delivery – then the kitten, most likely, will not be absolutely healthy, at bengals a stomach very sensing and gentle. We feed the kittens with sterns of a premium class and sterns-holistik, any forages which are on sale in hypermarkets!!! For an example the cost of a holistik which we buy for kittens – $12 for kg for a lifetime in cattery the kitten eats 2.5 kg of a forage, $36, plus meat and vitamins mean. Documents on a kitten (we always give a kitten from a family tree, independently there is he to cultivation or not) – $25. Good producers and exhibitions – couple of producers can cost from 3 thousand to $10 thousand, and each exhibition costs nursery on average of $150. To buy a kitten from parents who do not participate in exhibitions and without documents – all the same that not purebred. It is possible to prove pedigree accessory of an animal only his documents, and producers which are not shown at exhibitions can not conform to the pedigree standard at all and to give the same posterity.


Too low price of a kitten always has to guard. If offer you the new Mercedes S-klassa for $1000 you prick up the ears? You will look for in what a dirty trick. Why nobody is guarded by cheap kittens? Remember that the cost of an animal is paid only once. And a cheap kitten it is necessary to impart, having spent for it the sum saved on purchase it is also possible that the kitten bought cheap is not healthy, and he should be treated (or seriously to treat as will carry). And perhaps the manufacturer for the sake of profit kept in one room of 30 kittens and did not accustom none of them to a toilet, respectively it is necessary to be engaged in it, spending on it time and nerves. It is about the friend for many years therefore it is simply nonrational to save on quality for the sake of low price.


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