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How to choose a Bengal kitten

Let’s define what kitten is necessary to you.

Divide 3 classes of quality of cats

– A show a class – show (animals of the highest exhibition class). Cats of this class cost much and sell them extremely seldom)) Usually leave them in cattery. It is the most prestigious and dear group into which animals, being a breed standard enter, they participate in exhibitions and are used for breeding work. These are cats with the least quantity of deviations and without defects, they are always pride, and also good advertizing for nursery. Keep in mind that any serious manufacturer does not guarantee that the cat will grow from a kitten of a show of a class the same class. The manufacturer can assume about a show potential, leaning on an example of development of kittens from the previous dung. And the buyer defines, he will risk or not. And it is honest, I would not advise beginners to look for to purchase of a show a class, a high probability that pay as for a show, and receive pt. Unfortunately, there is a lot of such cases.

– Brid a class – breeding (animals for cultivation) – an animal has slight deviations from the international standards, within norm, but these animals are capable to give excellent posterity of show quality. Shortcomings at these animals slight and if it is correct to pick up them couple, high probability to receive magnificent kittens. Cats it is shaven a class – fine option to start breeding work. A difference between a show it is also shaven a class it is not considerable. Animals it is shaven a class also can share in exhibitions, but their exhibition potential can be limited only by initial estimates.

– Pat a class – pet (category of pets) – the animal who is not intended for further cultivation and participation in exhibition career because of discrepancy to standards of breed or because of visible defects. BUT it is very often possible to buy magnificent cats pt qualities, only on the fact that in a dung several handsome men were born, and in cultivation leave one. Or under the terms of the contract upon purchase of a breeding cat, the manufacturer undertakes to castrate all boys. Therefore if you do not plan to be engaged in cultivation, look for a good kitten of Pat a class, you can with it even at exhibitions participate and close titles.

If you decide to buy an animal of a Pet-class, learn from the manufacturer for what reasons it was carried to this class.

Defects can be different. Some of them (quality of wool, posts of ears) – are not so important for health of your favourite. Other defects can be serious (a rachiocampsis or a thorax, the malocclusion, any deviations caused by mutations of genes) – they can affect further development and health of a kitten!!! And buying a kitten without documents, you remember that this animal only a phenotype will be similar to this or that breed. Without having documentary confirmation with the ancestors of 2-4 knees registered in it (depending on breed) and the complete data on the bought animal – such animal will be considered only routine “domusy”, similar to any breed!

What it is necessary to pay an attention to?

For example, where you buy a kitten?

I would not recommend to buy a kitten in poultry market. Whatever one may do – and it is a nursery of diseases. Can happen so that you buy the healthy cheerful kid, and next day or in couple of days you rush with him to the veterinarian. This quite frequent phenomenon, very many diseases have an incubation interval.

It is desirable to buy a kitten on the Internet from the checked sellers who value the reputation. As a last resort, at least communicate to them some time, on a conversation it is almost always possible to understand as the person falls into to a cat, ask on a delivery, inoculations, feeding, the person really keen on cats, will tell you a lot of all interesting.

You should not buy kittens who are kept in cages. Often because of an overpopulation in such nurseries there are a lot of infections and owners not too care about health and education of cats.

It is good when you can arrive and look in what conditions kittens grow. Make sure that cats are fed with good sterns, if mother a cat eats from a table d’hote, then the high probability that at pregnancy and feeding kittens received less some useful substances, and it can be reflected on their health in the future.

Pay an attention to adult cats in cattery, to quality of wool, proportionality of a body and head, they should not be exhausted, should not show aggression.

You should not take away very little kittens. We give the kittens to a new family in 3-4 months when all vaccination about one year when they are completely independent is done and do not depend on mother.

The kitten has to be the fissile, react to sounds and the movements. Wool clear, smooth and nice on the touch. There should not be fleas, skin clear, there should not be high temples. The nose and ears have to be clear, without selections and dirt. On forward extremities there have to be five fingers on back four, claws it is easy to move forward and hide. There should not be grown claws. Pay an attention to proportions, that is a ratio of length of paws to a trunk, the size of the head and tail. The tail has to be the relative frame, without “zalom” and clusters. The anus is clear, without swellings and reddenings.

Also buy a kitten from the person to whom you trust!


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