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Than and how to feed cats everyone solves itself, it is simpler to feed with sterns, especially when buys a cat of people which never held before animals. Therefore in this article I will write about dry feeds. You will find articles about a natural delivery, norms and the bans in a delivery for cats in my blog and Instagram.



It is very difficult to choose the best dry cat food because the set of dry feeds is presented at the market. All of them shout bright names, entice exotic ingredients like a yucca or kangaroo meat, entice the loveliest photos of kittens on packings and loudly declare that they a premium, a superpremium…

So what dry cat food the best?

To choose the best dry cat food, it is necessary to follow the following rules:

  • If you know what dry feed your cat at manufacturers \the previous owners ate, then try to buy the same dry feed or similar on structure. If necessary carry out transition from one forage to another gradually (during the 2-4kh of weeks), mixing a new forage to aged, increasing a share of a new forage day after day and respectively reducing a share of aged.
  • Marking of a forage (all information on packing) has to correspond to both the Russian, and American \European requirements to it.
  • Remember that the translation of structure of an import dry feed for a cat into Russian can differ from original therefore read structure and in English, whenever possible.
  • Be not conducted on the prefixes “premium”, “super premium”, “holistik”; it is not specified anywhere what dry cat food fall into to this or that class and what are not present so it is just beautiful words
  • Forages for separate breeds – in the majority the advertizing course, at the same time can be required by Persians padding ingredients for a conclusion of wool and care of it, and forages for Maine Coons have to consider their predisposition to heart diseases and to be a little more nutritious, than for cats of the smaller sizes.
  • Kitten food and pregnant cats contain more protein, than for adult cats therefore it is worth feeding kittens with an express forage; express forages for elderly cats are very doubtful, most of veterinarians in order to avoid problems do not recommend to change to elderly cats of sterns.
  • Express forages for eunuchs can be not bought, it is enough to reduce norm of feeding by 10-15%, and for the fissile ungelded cats – this norm can be increased respectively.
  • Medical cat food can be bought only after consultation with the veterinarian
  • Choose a forage with structure in which concrete ingredients (“chicken” better are specified than “bird”; “meat of chicken” is better, than “chicken”, “the dehydrated meat of chicken” is better, than “meat of chicken”, from the point of view of a comprehension of structure of a forage).
  • Choose forages with the short list of ingredients: many additives applied in cat’s to sterns are necessary not to cats, and owners (for appearance) and to producers (for preservation of a product and collimating of a trade dress and taste by it).
  • The cat needs animal protein therefore a meat \fish \bird have to be the first in the list of ingredients (better to take several first positions, if structure of a forage the lengthiest); from the first five ingredients 3-4 have to be meat or the first meat ingredient has to restrain in enough (40-50%).
  • Better if fresh meat, the dehydrated (dehydrated) meat, dry meat, but not a meat meal is a part of a dry feed for a cat. Of course, as a result all ingredients for a forage are crushed and mix up, but the producer of a forage buys “meat meal” on the party, so, the preservatives added to it as a part of a forage can not be specified. Moreover, the meat meal can be made from the dead, sick and dying animals.
  • Value the without bean of cat food is a little exaggerated, often in them cereals are replaced bean (lentil, chick-pea) or potatoes \sweet potato, both the cat acquires worse, than cereals and even worse, than corn. However allergies to corn and wheat occur at cats more often than on bean and potatoes.
  • Barley and oats are acquired by a cat better, than rice, rice – is better, than corn (maize), and corn is better, than wheat. Grain protein (corn gluten, wheat gluten) are acquired better, than “whole” grain, and various flour is also well acquired (if in it the useful remained micro and macrocells), and here Amylums – an empty excipient for formation of granules of a forage and a concentrated source of carbohydrates which is not necessary to a cat
  • If your cat of a white or light color (blue, lilac, a faun) choose cat food without the painting vegetables: tomatoes, carrots, algas, etc.; also such animals should not buy dry cat food with high content of copper; and here it is possible not to be afraid of some beet in structure as add white sugar beet and a wastage of sugar production to forages, are received in the course of processing of this beet.
  • The stern for a cat should not contain synthetic flavors and dyes, and also preservatives. Meanwhile, preservatives in a stern are necessary, natural preservatives: vitamins A, E (tocopherol), With; rosemary.
  • Necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids as many of them collapse in the course of manufacture of such forage have to be added to a dry feed. Existence of a lysine which is almost completely lost at manufacture of a dry feed is especially important.
  • Not always cheap, so the poor and vice versa expensive forage is not always ideal for this or that cat.
  • Buying a new forage for a cat (new taste or firm), do not take a big package at once, be limited to small packing, perhaps, the new forage will not be pleasant to a cat and it should be thrown out or given.
  • Concerning constancy of the use by a cat in food of the same forage of opinion of experts disperse. On the one hand a delivery one type of protein helps, quickly enough to find a new delivery in a case, an allergy, and also ensures routine functioning of a stomach; with another – a delivery different proteins probably reduces risk of food allergy to a minimum, accustoming of a cat to food allows to avoid and more fully fills her requirements. Anyway, you should not change a forage sharply and more often the 3-4kh of times a year if there are no medical indications to it.
  • If the forage caused an allergy in a cat, address the veterinarian for formation of the exact diet.


Notes: This rating is subjective and conditional; it included the most popular dry cat food. Many firms have a rich line of dry feeds and some exemplars can slightly differ in the best or worst aspect from most of others, released by the same company. Under “meat” in rating meat, a bird, fish, a game mean if another is not specified.

* The forage approaches this group on the majority of indexes, but has the shortcomings specified in brackets.

** In the list of ingredients meat is in the first place

*** In the list of ingredients cereals are in the first place


Carefully choose a dry feed for your cat, each cat has the preferences in food, but you should not indulge its whims, especially, if they can do it harm. And, above all, you remember that the best dry cat food – this what suits specifically your pet.


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