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Education cats

Very many fans of cats pay a huge attention to care of a kitten, a delivery, games with it, but are not engaged in his education. And then, to an adult cat, make a claim. Even if the kitten sleeps with you, plays, and you allow him mild pranks – it does not mean that it main in a family. The animal has to understand legiblly who the owner.

It is necessary to begin education at once as the kitten appeared in your house.

It is necessary to outline at once borders and not to allow a kitten to do what you are going to forbid an adult animal. Do not allow the favourite to try to show the teeth in games with yourself or children, to bite. The little kitten does it almost painlessly, and here the adult animal is capable to put with teeth and claws serious injuries.

And as well as in children’s psychology, it is important to know when to stop. Too rigorous bans, punishments and aggression towards an animal can generate the monster who will tear up furniture, to write to boots, to be scratched and bite, will not trust you and will be afraid. At the same time it is not necessary to allow the charming kid to mount you upon a neck and to indulge him.

Cats – very clever and thin animals. Therefore it is necessary to try to obtain from them obedience firmly, but without aggression and, especially, without use of brute physical force. Noise influences are much more effective in education of a cat, than physical force – it is possible to slap slightly the guilty kitten the rustling newspaper for a fault. Use the word it “is impossible”, you should not shout, but the bans need to be said loudly and firmly. Many manufacturers use the water gun in the educational purposes, the method is quite good, but is not always accessible in various circumstances. At first the word “is impossible” it is possible to apply together with a neck tingling. Young animals already know this sign – native mother quite so brought up them, and you needed only to continue begun.

Using these prime rules, you surely receive the tender and obedient friend))

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