About the cattery

Welcome to the website of our cattery!

We are a larger friendly family – mother Katya, the father Volodya, our children Mark, Maratik, Margarita and, of course, our restless cats Solomon, Basja, Runa and Alice. 

Our Bengalese cats grow in a family together with children that cannot but affect character and that and others)))

Our cattery is registered in two felinological associations: in ICU under the name Cullinani in WCF under the name Marcosha.

The decision to be engaged in cultivation of the Bengalese kittens was fluidized and considered. For the first time bengals at us appeared 4 years ago, but from a dream before purchase we went several years, studying breed, attending exhibitions and nurseries. And still we very scrupulously approach selection of our producers. To us it is important that our cats had ideal Bengalese temperament, were breeds are healthy and conformed to all standards.

At exhibitions our cats always shine!

And still we have the blog about our cats in which we tell about everyday life of our cattery, about health of cats, about care of cats, about questions of a breeding and education of kittens and every day we have news! And, of course, we keep in contact with our graduates and we help them at all stages of life.

All our kittens go to the new house with family trees, the veterinary passport, the instruction for maintenance and gifts! Kittens can have the chip at the request of new owners. Kittens who are bought as favourites by the time of moving are already castrated or sterilized.

We are engaged in cultivation of the Bengalese cats only of a color “The socket on gold” and we receive the best representatives of breed of the chosen color!